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Briquette Charcoal 3kg


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These barbecue charcoal briquettes are made from premium quality lumpwood charcoal fines, pressed and moulded into briquettes. They burn longer and more consistantly than lumpwood charcoal, making it a suitable economical alternative. It provides an excellent and consistent heat to BBQ on.

Briquettes usually have a longer burn time than lumpwood options, and they mostly burn with cooler heat. This makes them ideal for indirect “low and slow” cooking, or closed appliance barbecues, where the extra time and cooler temperatures come into their own. Briquettes also make temperature control easier. Their consistent shape makes them easy to work with and to build the precise fire that you need.

However, briquettes often take longer to light than lumpwood alternatives, you may find them more difficult to get started.

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