Collection: Jubilee CC-22 Fine Paints

Jubilee Paint is a celebration of British history and culture, expressed in colour. The carefully curated palette has its origins in the pioneering British Standard colours of the 1930's.

The fuss-free, all-purpose, hard-wearing, water-based, pigment-rich, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly premium British heritage paint.

The unique CC-22 formula is a self-levelling, versatile paint, which leave a smooth, soft sheen on the majority of surfaces. Suitable for but, not limited to, metal, glass, paper, wood, plastics, fabric, leather, ceramic, and stone.

Easy to use with excellent coverage, Jubilee is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. No priming, or sealing is required, and it is touch dry in just 1 hour. Fully cured in 12 - 24 hours.

Celebrate British spirit with Jubilee.